6 Visit Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Program

1st Visit: March/April

Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control & Granular Fertilizer

2nd Second Visit: April/May

Blanket Liquid Weed Control and Fertilization

3rd Visit: June/July

Early Summer fertilizer to improve drought tolerance. Liquid Weed Control spot treatment to control late germinating weeds.

Preventative Grub Control- is applied on the 3rd visit before August 1st. Preventative Grub Control will help avoid turf damage occurring in late summer early fall. Signs of damage range from turf pulling up easily, to damage from animals digging up the turf feeding on grubs.

4th Visit: August/September

Late summer Fertilizer application to keep grass vigorous to squeeze out weeds.

5th Visit: September/October

Early Fall Fertilizer to promote good color and treat Liquid Weed Control for weeds.

6th Visit: October/November

Winterizer Fertilizer Application with high Potassium content to promote healthy root growth and early spring green up.